As a permanent center for experimentation in Permaculture, as well as to all intents and purposes a farm producing vegetables, fruits and eggs, we offer the opportunity to stay with us longer periods in collaboration with various Italian and foreign universities.

How does it work?

After making the necessary preliminary arrangements, a project will be established, either a case study or an in-depth study of an existing project based on the intern’s requests, which will then be followed in a path defined from the beginning.

Living in Saja as an intern/intern is not just about having a space or a subproject in foster care, but being part of the Whole; feeling co-responsible for the commons, relating to others, knowing how to manage one’s privacy and that of others but also being an active part of a community.

To organize one’s days off, vacations, one’s presence and one’s role with the flexibility of a human garrison and not a factory or an office.

In Saja everyone must be economically autonomous and is free and incentivized to create their own income within this space by actively and responsibly engaging in productive activity even for commercial purposes so as to sustain their permanence and resilience.

The fact that we are a reality already active since 2011 gives us greater visibility and greater ability to weave new social and commercial relationships, and you will find yourself catapulted (and responsible) to maintain a fairness and quality to consumers and supporters of the project.

Proximity with Catania half an hour by car, 40 minutes by train or bus from Paternò station to Catania, 10km from Saja to Paternò.

p.s. send us a resume and please, when you write to us, tell us specifically what interests you in our project and your relationship and interest in the spiritual path.
p.p.s. since people from different countries of the world are often present, you need to speak English as a second language.
p.p.p.s. it is possible to accredit your own internships by prior arrangement with the University office.

Every year we host at least two trainees, perhaps on the Active pathway to a Diploma in Applied Permaculture, or for their own college career, for a period of 1 to 3 months.

We want to accommodate people with a REAL feeling of curiosity, care, stewardship, desire for presence, spiritual attitude and active sense of responsibility.